Planning and recording
Key person
The role of parents
Special Needs
‘Life must be lived as play…’ Plato

Every child is recognised as having individual needs and their own way of learning at their own pace. The staff at Joeys believe that young children learn most effectively when:

  • They are interested in the subject matter and are practically involved,
  • Their work has purpose in a practical sense,
  • They have the support of adults who are interested and informed as to the purpose of their activity,
  • The experiences offered are relevant to their current levels of interest,
  • Their previous experiences and achievements are valued and used as a starting point for the next level or stage of learning,
  • They are encouraged to be positive about themselves and have pride in their achievements,
  • They are encouraged to make independent decisions about their learning and what they want to experience,
  • Parents/carers are actively involved in their learning experience.