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Fees Policy and Procedure

The purpose of this policy is to set out guidelines on the charging and collection of fees for childcare bookings at Joeys, Out of School Club and our Holiday Club.  Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.  Joeys is a non-profit making charity; all income from fees is used to benefit children and families within our community and to meet our overheads (wages, insurance, rent, resources etc.).

Before your child is offered a place, you will be asked to sign a booking form which details your standard weekly booking and the cost of that booking based on the price list at the time.  Milnthorpe Family Centre reserve the right to increase prices when necessary giving one month notice of such change.

Bookings - On any day that your child is booked into Joeys the minimum booking per room is:

Koala Room (0-2 Years) – One 5 hour session

Little Jumpers (2-4 Years) - One 2.75 hour session

Out of School Club (Primary Reception Class to Year 6) – No minimum booking

All bookings are for the full year (51 weeks).  We do not allow swapping days, if you require a different day during a week this will be charged at the normal price as will the day your child would normally come to Joeys.

Notice required for cancellation or changes – One month notice in writing (including emails) is required for all booking changes and/or cancellations.  This includes Free Entitlement bookings.

Nursery Free Entitlement (FE) – Free Entitlement is available to 2 year old children that are eligible from the term after their 2nd birthday and ALL 3- year old children from term after their 3rd birthday. Your 3-4 year old child may also be entitled to the extended free entitlement.

Your child is entitled to claim a maximum 10 hours free entitlement a day.  All hours booked over and above your entitlement will be chargeable. 

Once your child is eligible for Nursery Free Entitlement we will offer you the option of an all year round or a term time only contract. 

If you require additional hours to your standard Joeys booking during any school holiday we will offer you a term time only contract with the ability to book into our holiday club.

We allow children at Joeys to bank unused 3-4 year old free entitlement to use for adhoc bookings and during school holidays (based on availability).  The hours you bank at Joeys must be used within the academic year they relate to, Joeys is unable to accept booking for hours banked at another setting.  It is the responsibility of the Parent/Carer to book these and is subject to availability, although Joeys will try to accommodate any additional booking request for banked hours we are unable to guarantee that a place will be available. Banked hours do not have a monetary value to the Parent/Carer/Child and cannot be refunded. 

If you lose eligibility for the extended free entitlement at any point your booking will be charged at the current fee for a 3-4 year old child. Joeys reserve the right to claim your free entitlement for a one month period if you end your booking without giving the correct notice.

Holiday Club – Joeys run a holiday club for children at primary school from Reception Class to Year 6, we also offer this facility to children aged 3-4 that have a term time only contract at Joeys.   A Holiday Booking Form relating to the academic year your booking relates is available upon request.  This allows you to book in advance for any/all school holidays.  If we are oversubscribed during any school holiday our admissions policy will apply.

Holidays – Children with a full year contract are entitled to 4 weeks (full weeks) holiday between 1st September and 31st August.  One month notice must be given for any of the 4 weeks holiday to receive 30% discount.  Adhoc days off and additional holidays will be charged in full. 

If your child is in receipt of Nursery Free Entitlement and you opt for a term-time only booking you will not be charged during school holidays and we are unable to offer further discounted holidays during term time.

Sickness – Any booking unattended due to sickness will be charged at the normal rate.

Joeys is closed on Bank Holidays and in-between Christmas and New Year and you will not be charged for these dates.  Our Christmas closure will be set each year and put up on our parent’s notice board.

Late collections - A charge of £7 will be made per child for all late collections and a further £7 per child will be charged for every 15 minute period thereafter.  Please ensure you pick your child/ren up no later than the end of the session that they are booked in for.  Late charges will be made at the discretion of the Manager.  A phone call can often avoid a late collection charge.  Late collections have an impact on maintaining the correct staff to child ratios and often means that Joeys have to pay staff to remain after their shift has ended. Late collections at the end of the day have even more impact when 2 members of staff must remain until the child/ren are picked up.


·         Payment of fees is the responsibility of the named parent/s – Carer/s entered in section 5 of your booking form. 

·         A deposit equivalent to your standard weekly booking is required at the time of making your booking.  This deposit will be deducted from your final invoice.  This deposit is non-refundable if you do not start your booking.

·         When placing your booking you need to indicate if you will be paying weekly or monthly for your fees.

·         At the time of paying your advanced fees we will agree a monthly payment date and amount.  This must be paid promptly by standing order, online payment or in branch.

·         Invoices are produced monthly by 20th of the previous month and due for payment on or before the first of each month.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your weekly/monthly payments are sufficient to pay your fees.

·         Please note we do not accept cheques, cash payments can be made if agreed in advance.


·         Overdue payments one week late – you will be sent a reminder.

·         Overdue payments one month late – your booking will be cancelled until your payment is up to date.  Please note you may lose your preferred booking during this time.

·         Instruct a Debt Collection Agency or the County Court of your unpaid fees who will be asked to start recovery procedures that may include judgements made against you.


·         If at any point during your time with us you feel that payment of fees is becoming a problem, please do not ignore this.  We will do everything we can to help you through a financially difficult period.  We would rather do this than any of the actions above.


Reviewed by Katie Smyth Joeys Manager                          August 2018