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Parental Involvement Policy


Parents are the first educators of their young children.  The aim of the group is to support their essential work, not to supplant them. We will:

 §  make all new parents aware of the group’s systems and policies;

§  encourage parents, on an individual basis, to play an active part in the management of the group;

§  ensure that parents are informed on a regular basis about their child’s progress;

§  ensure that all parents have opportunities to contribute from their own skills, knowledge and interests to the activities of the group; with prior arrangement

§  involve parents in record keeping about their own child, either formally or informally;

§  consult with families about the times of meetings to avoid excluding anyone;

§  hold meetings in venues, which are accessible and appropriate for all;

§  welcome the contribution of parents, whatever form these may take;

§  make known to all parents the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions;

§  provide opportunities for parents to learn about Joey’s curriculum and about young children’s learning, in Joeys and at home;

§  ensure that all parents are fully informed about meetings, conferences, workshops and training;

§  ensure that the children’s files are available in their key-worker boxes in reception. Parents are free to take these home to add to, comment on or read at anytime;

§  parents’ meetings will be held to discuss individual key-children and their development.


 Signed on behalf of

Milnthorpe Family Centre Directors

 Katie Smyth, Manager                                Reviewed January 2018